Fundamentals of Fire Safety in Building Design

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Author: Than Singh Sharma 
ISBN: 978-9350673591

The “Fundamentals of Fire Safety in Building Design” is immensely helpful in assisting the fire safety professionals, architects, structural engineers, building consultants, facility managers, real estate developers, regulatory authorities and stakeholders in evaluating buildings’ life safety and property protectoral goals. The topics are useful for the students of Undergraduate to Postgraduate level in the stream of fire safety, architect, structural engineering and others. This book contains the concepts of quantification of risk, performance based design and required level of fire safety in various buildings. A brief about the fire, evacuation and risk modelling is given in this book. The national and international regulatory requirements are also shared here in the book for the benefits of the readers. This book covers mainly the following topics: Fire Behaviour Harmful Effects of Fire Effluents Structural Design and Layout Active Fire Protection System Passive Fire Protection System Smoke Management Means of Escape Facilities Fire Safety Management Risk Analysis Fire Fighting and Rescue Techniques Regulatory Provisions in India


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