Fire And Life Safety Educator: Principles

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Author:Marsha Giesler 

Fire and Life Safety Educator: Principles and Practice, Second Edition Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access meets the objectives of NFPA 1035 (2015) for FLSE Levels I, II, III, Public Information Officer, Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist, and Youth Firesetter Program Manager. It is written for practitioners, managers, and supervisors, as well as for those who are new to the FLSE field, covering fire behavior and prevention, code compliance, community risk reduction, risk assessment, and working with the public.


. Chapter 1 Historic Fires, Injury Prevention, and Community Risk Reduction
• Chapter 2 Fire Behavior, Systems and Devices, and Prevention Basics
• Chapter 3 Fire Department Basics and the Fire and Life Safety Educator
• Chapter 4 Learning Styles and Theories, Teaching Methods, and Strategies
• Chapter 5 Age Group Characteristics
• Chapter 6 High-Risk Audiences and Behaviors
• Chapter 7 Messages for Different Age Groups
• Chapter 8 Messages for Holidays, Special Circumstances, and Safety Campaigns
• Chapter 9 Professionalism and Presentations
• Chapter 10 Public Relations and Working with Media
• Chapter 11 Evaluation, Assessment, and Reflection
• Chapter 12 FLSE II – Management of a Fire and Life Safety Program
• Chapter 13 Community Risk Assessment
• Chapter 14 Program Design and Management
• Chapter 15 Developing Educational Materials, Lessons, Programs
• Chapter 16 Evaluation
• Chapter 17 Administration of a Fire and Life Safety Program
• Chapter 18 Planning and Developing Fire and Life Safety Strategies
• Chapter 19 Program Education, Implementation, and Evaluation
• Chapter 20 Public Information Officer
• Chapter 21 Youth Fire Setter Intervention Specialist
• Chapter 22 Youth Fire Setter Program Manager
• Appendix A NFPA 1035 Correlation Guide, 2015 Edition


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