Intelligent Innovation: Four Steps to Achieving a Competitive Edge


Author: John Cogliandro
ISBN: 9781932159615

Book Description
Innovation is the key to success in any economy. Even non-profits and government agencies are discovering the importance of unique, innovative, customer-oriented value-added services. Intelligent Innovation explains the importance and application of innovation throughout the lifecycle of any product or service, from development to delivery. Using a practical, easy-to-remember four-step process, this book includes several tools and methods to achieve increased performance within the entire organization — from work satisfaction to stock price and profitability. Intelligent Innovation is derived from an exhaustive, worldwide study of blockbuster products and business models. The study provided data on what factors led to the success or failure of new products. This book explains three counter-intuitive common success factors that the most profitable products had over the past 50 years. It also presents current strategies and tools to make efficient and integrated decisions, manage finite resources, turn limitations into opportunities, evaluate risk, and create an innovative environment. This work is a must read for those in strategic planning, R&D, product development, value engineering, product management and marketing, project management and finance.



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