Maintenance Benchmarking and Best Practices : A Profit and Customer – Centred Approach

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Author: Ralph W Peters
ISBN: 9780071463393

Book Description
Over the past decade, companies have redirected their maintenance operational focus from internal cost-cutting to profit-maximization. This approach is referred to as profit centered maintenance. Peters provides maintenance supervisors and managers with a benchmarking/best practices road-map called the Maintenance Operations Scoreboard.
The Scoreboard will allow maintenance managers to: a) determine and quantify benefits and savings, b) improve craft productivity and c) define a strategy to improve efficiency and productivity. These things are at the heart of a successful Profit Centered Maintenance organization. The author-devised Maintenance Operations Scoreboard is used to perform over 200 maintenance evaluations in over 5,000 profit centered maintenance organizations. For example, at Honda of America, it was used extensively to direct maintenance strategy. It was later translated into Japanese for presentation to key Japanese executives. Another excellent example is Boeing Commercial Aircraft Inc. Boeing combined elements from this same Scoreboard with their company-wide maintenance goals to develop ‘The Boeing Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence.’ Over 60 facility maintenance work units, at region, group and team levels, are evaluated at on-site visits using the Scoreboard criteria.



Part 1 : Maximizing Maintenance Best Practices with a Profit-Centered Approach
Chapter 1 : A Profit-and Customer-Centered Maintenance Strategy
Chapter 2 : Key Requirements for Profit-and Customer-Centered Maintenance
Chapter 3 : Four Real Maintenance Challenges We All Free

Part 2 : Determining Where You are as a Profit-and Customer-Centered Maintenance Operation : The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence
Chapter 4 : The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence
Chapter 5 : Guidelines for Conducting a Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence Assessment
Chapter 6 : Strategy for Developing a Corporate-Wide Scoreboard
Chapter 7 : Case Study : The Scoreboard Self-Assessment : Just Do It!

Part 3 : Developing Your CMMS as a True Maintenance Business Management System
Chapter 8 : Maximizing the Value of CMMS for Profit-Centered Maintenance
Chapter 9 : CMMS Functional Requirements That Support the Business of Maintenance
Chapter 10 : Case Study : Quantitative and Qualitative Factors for CMMS Selection
Chapter 11 : Maximizing Your IT Investment with the CMMS Benchmarking System
Chapter 12 : Case Study : Effective CMMS Plus Best Practices : A Powerful Combination for Profit at Argentina’s Largest Steel Maker

Part 4 : The Profit-and Customer-Centered Maintenance Operation
Chapter 13 : Improving Craft Productivity : An Essential Strategy for Profit and Customer Service
Chapter 14 : Introducing OCE as a New Buzzword : The Overall Craft Effectiveness (OCE) Factor
Chapter 15 : The ACE Team Benchmarking Process : A New Benchmarking Tool
Chapter 16 : Profit- and Customer-Centered Best Practices
Chapter 17 : Maintenance Quality and Customer Service
Chapter 18 : Case Study—Critical Asset Facilitation : A Lesson Learned at Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Chapter 19 : PRIDE in Ownership with Operator-Based Maintenance
Chapter 20 : Case Study : Developing an Effective Preventive Maintenance Strategy
Chapter 21 : Today’s Predictive Maintenance Technology : Key to Continuous Reliability Improvement
Chapter 22 : Auto Identification Strategies to Support Maintenance Storeroom Excellence
Chapter 23 : Case Study : Planning for Maintenance Excellence in Action at Lucent Technologies

Part 5 : Validating Best Practice Results with the Maintenance Excellence Index
Chapter 24 : Determine and Quantify Benefits and Gained Value
Chapter 25 : Developing Your Maintenance Excellence Index to Validate Results
Chapter 26 : Nontraditional Return on Investment for Improving Your Maintenance Return on Investment

Part 6 : The Journey Toward Maintenance Excellence
Chapter 27 : Developing and Implementing a Profit-Centered Action Plan
Chapter 28 : Achieving PRIDE in Maintenance
Chapter 29 : The Journey Toward Maintenance Excellence : Where will You Go Now?

Appendix A : The Scoreboard for Maintenance Excellence
Appendix B : The CMMS Benchmarking System
Appendix C : CMMS Functionality Rating Checklist
Appendix D : Case Study : What Do Your Crafts Think about CMMS?
Appendix E : Maintenance Excellence Glossary
Appendix F : Maintenance Excellence Strategy Team Charter Example
Appendix G : ACE Team Benchmarking Team Charter Example
Appendix H : ACE Team Forms
Appendix I : OEE and Maintenance 5S Forms
Appendix J : Customer Service Pocket Pal Example
Appendix K : A 1999 Vision of Maintenance at the Millennium : Revisited in 2006
Appendix L : Comparison of Scoreboards


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