Multifunctional Cement-Based Materials

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Author: Deborah D. L. Chung

Unique in its focus on functional properties, this book examines the resistive, piezoresistive, thermoelectric, and electromagnetic behavior of multifunctional cement-based materials for reduced cost, improved durability and maintenance, and optimization of various structural designs. The author analyzes cement-based compounds for enhancing a wide-range of structures, including buildings, bridges, highways, automobiles, and aircrafts, exploring characteristics such as vibration damping, strain sensing, electromagnetic and magnetic shielding, electrical conductivity, and thermal insulation for improved structure stability and performance.

Illustrates principles to improve the functionality of cement-based materials, without the use of embedded or attached devcices, to decrease cost, improve durability, and inhiit property degradation.

Multifunctional Cement-Based Materials disscusses structural health monitoring…..corrosion resistance…electrical resistivity measurement…electromagnetic behavior and its applications in shielding and lateral guidance of vehicles…..termperature sensing, resistance heating, and heat retention….the development of materials for vibration and acoustic daming…thermal engineering techniques for energy conservation, hazard mitigation, and operation control…..and applications for stress/strain sensors such as traffic monitoring, building facility management, weighing in motion, and intruder detection.



Chapter 1 : Introduction to Cement-Based Materials
Chapter 2 : Introduction to Multifunctional Cement-Based Materials
Chapter 3 : Cement-Based Materials for Piezoresistivity (Strain Sensing)
Chapter 4 : Cement-Based Materials for Damage Sensing
Chapter 5 : Electrically Conductive Cement-Based Materials
Chapter 6 : Cement-Based Materials for Dielectric Functions
Chapter 7 : Cement-Based Materials for Thermal Engineering
Chapter 8 : Cement-Based Materials for Damping



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