Practical Guide to Finite Elements: A Solid Mechanics Approach

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Author: Steven M. Lepi
ISBN: 9780824700751
Assuming only basic knowledge of mathematics and engineering mechanics, this lucid reference introduces the fundamentals of finite element theory using easy-to-understand terms and simple problems-systematically grounding the practitioner in the basic principles then suggesting applications to more general cases.

Furnishes a wealth of practical insights drawn from the extensive experience of a specialist in the field!

Generously illustrated with over 200 detailed drawings to clarify discussions and containing key literature citations for more in-depth study of particular topics, this clearly written resource is an exceptional guide for mechanical, civil, aeronautic, automotive, electrical and electronics, and design engineers; engineering managers; and upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing-education students in these disciplines.

Terminology Used in This Text
Symbols Used in This Text
Matrix Notation

Chapter 1 : Finite Element Analysis : Background Concepts
Chapter 2 : Finite Element Concepts in One-Dimensional Space
Chapter 3 : Generalized Finite Element Equilibrium Equations
Chapter 4 : Simple Elements
Chapter 5 : Parametric Elements
Chapter 6 : Loads and Boundary Conditions
Chapter 7 : Practical Considerations and Applications

Appendix A : A Simple Differential Equation
Appendix B : Functionals
Appendix C : B-Matrix and Domain Transformation


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