Principles of Fire Prevention

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Author:David Diamantes

Designed for use within courses based on the Fire and Emergency Services in Higher Education (FESHE) Fire Prevention model curriculum, Principles of Fire Prevention, Third Edition will provide readers with a thorough understanding of how fire prevention and protection programs can greatly reduce fire loss, deaths, and injuries. The Third Edition features current statistics, codes, standards and references to the latest edition of NFPA Standard 1031, Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Inspector and Plan Examiner. Additionally, Principles of Fire Prevention, Third Edition covers the elements of public education, plan review, inspection, fire investigation, community risk reduction as well as the logistics of staffing and financial management so that readers are fully prepared to lead successful fire prevention programs.

The Third Edition now features:

New case studies, review and discussion questions, and additional resources for each chapter.
An all-new chapter on Community Risk Reduction that describes how to create and use Community Risk Profiles and Demographic Profiles.
Information on financial management and budgeting to help Fire Officers successfully plan, implement, and lead fire prevention programs. 


• Chapter 1: The Basis for Fire Prevention
• Chapter 2: Public Fire Prevention Organizations and Functions
• Chapter 3: Private Fire Protection and Prevention Organizations
• Chapter 4: Fire Prevention Through the Codes Process
• Chapter 5: Plan Review
• Chapter 6: Inspection
• Chapter 7: Fire Protection Systems Testing
• Chapter 8: Other Fire Prevention Functions
• Chapter 9: Fire Prevention Through Investigation
• Chapter 10: Fire Prevention Through Public Education, Awareness, and the Public Forum
• Chapter 11: Fire Prevention Records and Record Keeping
• Chapter 12: Personnel
• Chapter 13: Financial Management
• Chapter 14: Community Risk Reduction
• Appendix A: Public Law 90-259
• Appendix B: Recommendations of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control
• Appendix C: Status Report on the 90 Recommendations from America Burning
• Appendix D: FESHE Correlation Guide
• Appendix E: Imperial and Metric Conversions
• Glossary
• Index


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