Assessment of Chemical Exposures Calculation Methods for Environmental Professionals

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Author: Jack E. Daugherty
ISBN: 9781566702164
Book Description
Traditionally, industrial hygienists and environmental engineers have been responsible for conducting chemical exposure assessments, however, this task is now becoming a team effort taken on by scientists, businessmen, and policymakers. Assessment of Chemical Exposures: Calculation Methods for Environmental Professionals addresses the expanding scope of exposure assessments in both the workplace and environment. It discusses the basics of gathering data and assessing exposure, including how to estimate exposure to chemicals using fundamental chemical engineering concepts.
The book opens with a brief discussion on the history of exposure assessments and provides terms and nomenclature needed for communications between various disciplines involved in exposure assessments. The potential impact of chemical exposures on humans, the environment, and communities is discussed in detail The book also addresses modeling source generation, pathway transport, and receptor impact.
With the clear explanations presented in this text, even a novice will be able to practice the art of exposure assessment.

Table of Contents
History of Chemical Exposure Assessment
Nomenclature and Terminology
Basic Chemical Hazards to Human Health and Safety I
Basic Chemical Hazards to Human Health and Safety II
Basic Chemical Hazards to Wildlife
Basic Chemical Hazards to Community and Landscape
Principles of Exposure
Fundamentals of Source Assessment
Fundamentals of Pathway Transport Assessment
Fundamentals of Receptor Assessment
EPA and OSHA Guidelines


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