Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling


Author:  S. E. Jorgensen 

This is a thoroughly revised and updated edition of an introduction to ecological modelling. This volume explains the concepts and processes involved in ecological modelling, presents the latest developments in the field and provides readers with the tools to construct their own models.”

Reviews of the previous edition: [Ecological modelling] is obviously a huge area, and this book, which is both an overview and a how-to guide, covers an enormous amount of it.Global Ecology and Biogeography LettersExcellent synoptique.Information Eaux…this book will be an invaluable source of information for a variety of engineers and ecologists, who have a mathematical background and may wish to gain an introduction to the rapidly growing field of ecological and environmental modelling. This book will also be very adequate for courses on this subject.International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry


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