Energy Resources and Systems Volume 1: Fundamentals and Non-Renewable Resources

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Author:Ghosh, Tushar, Prelas, Mark
ISBN: 9789048123827

This is a comprehensive book that addresses renewable, non-renewable, and future energy sources and their utilization. All current and potential future energy sources are discussed in great details including the type of energy, methods of converting the energy to useful forms, the engineering design issues associated with the energy conversion system, the efficiency of the conversion process, the economics of the conversion system, the risks associated with its use, the environmental impact and how it can be applied to meet the energy needs of the world. Current and future energy policy is discussed.

At the end of most of the chapters there are problems to assist instructors. Also, there are a number of worked out problems for the students within the text.

This is the first of a three volume series. In Volume 1, Fundamentals and Nonrenewable Sources, the focus is on the basic tools required to understand the complex interactions of energy and society (economy, population, finance, etc.), fundamentals (thermodynamics, heat transfer, etc.). It provides a general overview of various topics including the interrelationship between energy, economy, gross domestic product, and population. A review of engineering economics, thermodynamics, and heat transfer mechanisms is included. Volume 1 also covers nonrenewable energy resources (coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear); how to calculate the total reserve quantities of coal, petroleum and uranium, and how long these resources will last at various levels of consumption. Various technologies for converting these resources to produce electricity and other forms of energy are treated.

The second volume, Renewable and Other Potential Sources, discusses wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal, ocean, biomass, ethanol, fusion, space based power systems, hydrogen, advanced systems and fuel cells.

The third volume, Environmental Effects, Remediation, and Policies, looks at the impact of energy on the environment (e.g., acid rain, ozone depletion, global warming, emissions, pollution, etc.), green technologies (e.g., conservation, hybrid cars, electric vehicles, hydrogen economy, distribution systems etc.), policies (e.g., deregulation) and future trends.

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From the reviews: “This work is the first in a planned three-volume series dealing with energy … . In this first volume, Ghosh and Prelas (both, Univ. of Missouri, Columbia) offer an outstanding consolidation of technical data and knowledge related to conventional energy sources and conversion systems. … This volume is ideally suited for the serious researcher interested in obtaining a thorough overview of conventional energy conversion systems. … Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates through professionals.” (S. R. Walk, Choice, Vol. 47 (6), February, 2010)


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