Global Sedimentology of the Ocean, Volume 3 1st Edition An Interplay between Geodynamics and Paleoenvironment

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Author: Christian Robert
ISBN: 9780444518170

A great deal of information has been gained during the past 20 years about the deep ocean. This book synthesizes new information in marine sedimentology, applying concepts to case studies, and integrating the information in a context of plate tectonics, global circulation, and sedimentary processes. The potential of sediment series as archives of past environments is highlighted.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Historical aspects
1.2 Objectives
2. Generalities
2.1 Structure
2.2 Physics
2.3 Sedimentology
3. Major types of basins in oceans history
3.1 Rift systems
3.2 Intraplate basins
3.3 Crustal fissures
3.4 Oceans in a context of divergence
3.5 Aulacogen basins
3.6 Oceans in a context of convegence
3.7 Basins in a context of collision
3.8 Paleogeography of major oceanic systems
4 Formation of oceanic sediments
4.1 Terrigenous sediments
4.2 Biogenic sediments
4.3 Organic sediments
4.4 Sediments of volcanic origin
4.5 Authigenic sediments
5. Diagenesis of oceanic sediments
5.1 Dynamics of diagenesis
5.2 Effects of diagenesis
5.3 Diagenetic alteration of terrigenous sediments
5.4 Diagenetic alteration of biogenic calcareous sediments
5.5 Diagenetic alteration of biogenic siliceous sediments
5.6 Diagenetic alteration of organic sediments
6. Past oceanic environments
6.1 Anoxic Cretaceous ocean
6.2 Strangelove Ocean at the Cretaceous/Tertiary Booundary
6.3 Early Paleogene Southern Ocean
6.4 Warm oceans at the Paleocene/Eocene Boundary and in the Early Eocene
6.5 Eocene/Oligocene transition South of Tasmania
6.6 Early and middle Miocene oceans: the Monterey Hypothesis
6.7 Messinian salinity crisis in the mediterranean
6.8 Mediterranean sapropels


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